Issue 01: Tagmag Structures



For this special edition of TAGMAG investigates the essence of a network within the theme STRUCTURES.  This investigation is an ongoing process during the Club Transmediale festival 2009 which will result in content for the daily version of TAGMAG.

Issue 01: Tagmag Structures: 

The first issue of TAGMAG focusses on the primary elements that could be used to define a network. As a starting point for our research we took at <>TAG, which organizational structure is based upon networks, as example. The terms Space, People, Motivation emerged as keywords for this issue.

The first issue of “Tagmag Structures” is now available as a downloadable pdf.

Download here: Tagmag Structures pdf


One response to “Issue 01: Tagmag Structures

  1. Bij ons was het ook leuk….

    Ziet er goed uit! Karin is bijna onderweg. Die klaart het klusje wel.

    gr, RJ

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